Board of Directors (2023)

President – Tony Johnson
Vice President – Dean Dellinger
Secretary – Monica Greene
Treasurer – Shane Hamilton
Henderson County Rep – Chris Beddingfield
Polk County Rep – Red Holscher
City of Saluda Rep – Nate Fields
Chief – Robert Dellinger
Deputy Chief – Zach Pace
Assistant Chief – Blake Sigmon


TO ALL MEMBERS OF THE GENERAL PUBLIC WHO RESIDE WITHIN THE FIRE DISTRICT OF THE SALUDA VOLUNTEER FIRE & RESCUE, INC. A hearing will be held by the board on Monday March 18th, 2024 at 6:00 PM at Saluda Fire & Rescue 199 Walnut St. Saluda, NC 28773 for the purpose of approving a tax-exempt loan by First Bank to the VFD. At this meeting, you may submit written comments or participate orally. All members of the public are invited to attend. Please note the following information regarding this hearing: 1. The purpose of the loan is for a building refinance and renovation project. 2. The maximum principal amount of the loan is $1,113,337. The VFD will own and operate the station to be financed at the VFD’s existing address at 199 Walnut Street Saluda, NC 28773

Notice of Proposed TE Loan NC VFD13

199 Walnut Street, Saluda, North Carolina 28773